Sober GMTV star Penny Smith

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  • 15 June 2010
Penny Smith

Penny Smith

Former 'GMTV' presenter Penny Smith believes the show's early starts ''saved'' her from her ''worst excesses'' - because she couldn't drink during the week for 17 years

Penny Smith thinks 'GMTV' stopped her drinking too much.

The presenter - who recently quit the famous breakfast sofa after 17 years on the ITV show - admits the morning show's early starts have saved her from her "worst excesses", and meant she couldn't touch alcohol during the week.

She explained: "It's probably saved me from my worst excesses because I couldn't drink during the week, but there's always been something exciting to do and I love to have fun and a good laugh."

The newsreader filmed her last day on the show earlier this month, where she admits the emotional goodbyes left her with make-up all over her face.

She explained: "I did need my waterproof mascara on because I'm a bit of a watering pot! My leaving party went on all day."

Penny is now preparing to work on her third novel after returning from a month-long back-packing holiday.

She told Yours magazine: "I quite fancy Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The light there is really wonderful. But years of backpacking have made me aware of how ridiculously lucky we are in this country, for all its faults. It's also made me the Queen of hand baggage. I know that you can get by anywhere with only two pairs of socks, trousers, skirt and a top!"

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