BB crushes revealed

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  • 15 June 2010
Big Brother housemate John James

BB housemate Govan

A 'Big Brother' game of truth or dare led to Mario, Ben, Caoimhe and Shabby admitting they had crushes on some of their housemates

The 'Big Brother' housemates revealed their crushes in a game of truth or dare.

During the flirtatious party in the Channel 4 compound last night (14.06.10), several members of the group opened up and revealed which of their fellow contestants had their hearts racing.

During the game Mario admitted he fancied Ben, but was left disappointed when the London broadcaster revealed he most wanted to lock lips with Beyonce Knowles lookalike Rachael.

The pretty contestant was also picked by lesbian squatter Shabby as the housemate she would like to sleep with.

However, she quickly added: "I feel I made a complete div out of myself."

Dublin student Caoimhe was also quick to defend herself after admitting she wanted to get into bed with hunky Australian John James.

The part-time DJ - who has a boyfriend outside the house - added: "I just randomly picked him because he was opposite me."

Govan was another resident to open up yesterday, as the volunteer worker admitted he lied about his sexuality to get into the famous house.

He revealed to Josie: "I said to them I was bisexual and it's not true. I could never have intercourse with a boy."

Whilst crying over his lies, the unemployed 21 year old also fretted about an argument he'd had with Christian minister Dave about onions.

Dave, 39, also worried that the onion row had gone too far - but was reassured by broadcaster Ben that it was fine.

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