BB house 'isolate' Sunshine

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  • 14 June 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Sunshine admits she feels 'isolated' by her new friends

Sunshine has told her 'Big Brother' housemates she feels victimised.

The pretty medical student has approached posh Londoner Ben and begged him to stop teasing her in front of their fellow contestants, because it is "isolating" her.

After the blonde writer joked to their housemates that Sunshine she a number of verrucas on her feet, she took Ben to one side and asked him to stop telling everyone she had an infectious foot condition.

She said: "It's teasing once, but you've done it four times. You're telling people they can catch a disease from my foot!

"But when you do it with 14 people at the table, they believe you. You're supposed to be supporting me but you're isolating me."

After apologising once again, Ben gave the 24-year-old vegan a hug and promised to change his ways.

Sunshine has been at the bottom of numerous arguments in the house since they entered the compound last week.

Bisexual volunteer Govan came to blows with her on Saturday, after he voted that she was the mole in the house - instead of Mario.

The unemployed 21 year old is now convinced it may look like he was "ganging up" on Sunshine, but his ally Shabby is convinced the row was equal.

He said: "It wasn't nice at all. Usually that sort of thing wouldn't affect me."

Shabby added: "I don't at any point remember two people ganging up on her.

"She does play the victim card."

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