Field notes from Rock Ness 2010

Field Notes

The Cuban Brothers

He came, he saw, he raved. Niki Boyle reflects on a hazy time spent at Rock Ness 2010

So here are some notes I took for my pen-and-paper analogue blog (anablog? No, probably not) from Saturday at Rock Ness 2010. Ah, the memories ...

9.57am: On the shuttle bus, drinking covert beers, when a fellow bus patron is overheard saying, ‘Get the cello oot! Let’s have some tunes!’ My, we are a cultured bunch.

5:04pm: After watching The Cuban Brothers (or Hermanos Cubanos, as they also like to be called) strut their funky, sequin-and-fringe-catsuited stuff on the main stage, nip into the Golden Voice tent to check out Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. While the new material sags a little bit and the acoustics don’t really compliment the largely vocal nature of the set, the crowd goes rightfully bonkers when the anthemic ‘Get Better’ and proto-dub ‘Letter from God to Man’ kick in. Plus, I get a glow-stick halo!

5.36pm: Unbeknownst to us, USA have managed to score a draw against England in the World Cup. Hence, while watching the excellent Boys Noize, shouts of ‘Here we, here we, here we fucking go!’ are interspersed with the seemingly-inexplicable ‘U-S-A! U-S-A!’

5.45pm: The List gains a pair of neon pink sunglasses.

5.49pm: And another!

7.41pm: Zane Lowe fails to show up for his DJ slot in the Golden Voice tent [he later played at the Arcadia Afterburner arena], so we wander out to discover 2 Many DJs rocking the Main Stage. Best move of the day.

8.34pm: After eating some wonderful lamb and rosemary stovies, The List heads into the Golden Voice tent to catch Aphex Twin. An epic distortion of reality commences.

11.36pm: Catch the last bus home with Leftfield still ringing in our ears. It’s a long ride home, but totally worth it.

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