Shabby's nominations punishment

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  • 14 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby


This year's 'Big Brother' contestants believe they are deliberately being punished to cause drama

'Big Brother' contestants believe they are being punished to cause drama.

Housemates in this year's reality show have convinced themselves Big Brother is being harsh on them to make better television - after Shabby was called into the diary room and told she would be punished for talking about nominations.

She told housemates Ife and Caoimhe: "I'm being punished for discussing nominations - in a conversation with Ife, and Nathan this morning, apparently."

She also told them Big Brother had accused her of attempting to control people's votes in the upcoming nominations meeting.

Ife replied: "I swear to God I don't know who you're going to vote."

Discussing housemates' latest fears with fellow housemate Ben, Caoimhe admitted she believed Big Brother only punished Shabby so she would "throw a wobbler".

She explained: "It was all blown out of proportion. They did it to get their footage. They knew that she would come out here and throw a wobbler, and she did."

The housemates also fear Sunshine was deliberately followed by cameras inside the house when she was upset and crying.

Shabby now worries she will be nominated when housemates choose who is up for the first eviction.

Ben is also concerned he may be voted by his new friends for "petty" reasons - after Mario warned him about wasting the milk at the bottom of his cereal bowl.

Mario added: "You probably won't receive any nominations. but watch out for things that other people may find annoying."

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