Kym Marsh wants single Michelle

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  • 14 June 2010
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

'Coronation Street' actress Kym Marsh doesn't want her alter-ego Michelle Connor to settle down or be stuck in a ''boring'' relationship

Kym Marsh doesn't want her 'Coronation Street' alter-ego to settle down.

The actress admits she would hate for her feisty barmaid character Michelle Connor to embark on a "boring" relationship - even though she thinks it would be nice to see her become romantically involved.

She said: "I'd like to see her in another relationship but I don't want her to settle down. that would be boring. You have to have some excitement for your character."

The brunette beauty is about to be pursued by hunky Irish barman Ciaran McCarthy (Keith Duffy), but is "cautious" because of her past relationships.

Kym explained: "He's flirting with her but he's like that with everybody. She definitely fancies him but she thinks he's a dangerous path to go down. You can't blame her for being cautious - one of her fellas died, one had an affair with a man, there was Peter the alcoholic and Steve who cheated on her with Becky!"

The barmaid is left even more confused when Ciaran organises a speed-dating event at the Rovers Return.

Kym explained: "She thinks it's just a way for him to flirt with loads of women. Liz tells Michelle it's Michelle he's after and she feels a bit jealous when she seems him charming other women and it hits home she likes him more than she admits."

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