Big Brother housemates group off

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  • 14 June 2010
Big Brother housemate John James

Big Brother housemate John James

'Big Brother's Shabby, Govan and Caoimhe have confessed they are ''the b****y group'' and that it could lead to an early eviction for them, despite believing they bring more entertainment to the show

Shabby, Govan and Caoimhe fear they might be evicted from 'Big Brother' early, for forming "the b****y" group.

The gossipy trio believe the house would be worse off without their sniping remarks - but admit it could lead to them facing an early departure from the show.

Instead, squatter Shabby believes their rival group of housemates - headed up by medical student Sunshine - could be the last to survive in the house.

She said: "They could be, because we're the b****y ones. The b****y group, that's us."

Living up to their self-titled status, the gang have already come up with a host of nick names for the pretty medic, including Sunflower, Sun Cream, Moonshine, Moonbeam and Sunstroke.

However, bisexual Govan defended their remarks, claiming "everyone b****es".

Shabby added: "It's not b****ing, it's venting. I'd go mad otherwise. You need to vent. It's just it's always about the same two people."

Govan has justified their discussions, claiming their hunky housemate John James was also caught making snide remarks.

He added: "You know when you walk in a room and you know they've been speaking about you? When I walked in, he looked so sheepish. I'm no fool."

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