Mario stays in house

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 June 2010
Mario's first BB task


Mario has escaped eviction from the 'Big Brother' house after the housemates failed to guess he was the mole

Mario has escaped eviction from the 'Big Brother' house.

The relieved Italian was told his position in the house was safe after his fellow housemates failed to pick him out as the mole, with the majority of the group opting to blame Sunshine.

Just Corin and Ife correctly labelled Mario.

After they voted, the real mole was asked to step forward, prompting Mario to move away from the group to cheers from the rest of the house.

Sunshine later broke down in tears after being accused by 10 housemates of being the mole.

She retreated to the bedroom, telling Ben: "Do you know how scared I was when everyone wrote down my name?"

Mario - who no longer has to wear a mole outfit - later apologised to the rest of the house for lying to them.

He said: "I feel so guilty that I had to lie to you.

"It was making me feel physically sick. I kind of think of you as my family now, and I can't stand it."

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