Shabby's divide concern

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  • 13 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby


Shabby believes divisions and alliances are already being created by the 'Big Brother' housemates

Shabby thinks divides are already starting to form in the 'Big Brother' house.

The lesbian squatter insists that after less than five days together, the housemates are already creating their own alliances and cliques.

She told Govan, John James and Josie: "There are groups forming. There's the bedroom crew and the bathroom crew."

Much to the surprise of the Bristolian - who claimed she couldn't see any divides - Shabby went on to say she felt adrift of the "bedroom crew" and feels her group, consisting of herself, Ife and Caoimhe, was growing increasingly isolated.

However, Shabby later confessed to Govan that she felt her allies would help her stay in the house.

She told him: "I know two nominations I definitely won't be getting.

"It will be really interesting if one is nominated from our group and one from theirs'."

The pair then turned their attention to their other housemates, with Govan claiming he is "unsure" of Ben.

He said: "I don't particularly trust him, he seems to follow Sunshine a lot."

Speaking about Sunshine, Shabby responded: "I don't think she wants to be here."

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