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  • 12 June 2010
Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland loves having ''womanly curves'' but claims she loses weight quickly and easily if she feels too heavy

Kelly Rowland loses weight easily.

The singer loves having womanly curves, but admits she can quickly and simple lose extra pounds if she feels she has gotten too heavy.

She said: "I have to admit, I do lose weight easily. Sorry, I know that's an annoying thing to say, but it's true. If I put in the work the weight goes. I do like having curves though, so I don't like to lose too much weight. I like to feel like a woman."

The 29-year-old star maintains her physique with regular exercise sessions and claims to see results instantly if she needs to step up her workouts in preparation for an event.

She explained: "I keep in shape by doing yoga three or four times a week if I get time. It's great for toning and also for stress relief. I also go on an exercise bike for about 30-45 minutes twice a week if I can. If I stick to that for two weeks solidly I'll tone up really quickly.

"If I know I'm going to be on the beach in a bikini I'll do squats because they're so good for your butt. They keep it nice and high and tight. I've been doing a fair few recently."

However, Kelly admits losing weight is simpler if teamed with a healthy diet.

She added: "I'm telling you, I'm not eating sugar. I didn't even try to lose weight. I read this book, called 'You Are What You Eat'. The author, Gillian McKeith is talking about sugar, she's talking about meat, she's talking about cheese."

Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny's Child vocalist now performing solo.

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