Shabby searches for saboteurs

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  • 12 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby


Lesbian squatter Shabby is convinced secret 'Big Brother' contestants are behind the house sabotage, not realising it is Mario, the 'mole'

Shabby is convinced there are secret 'Big Brother' contestants sabotaging the house.

The lesbian squatter has been booby trapping all possible entrances to deter any unwelcome visitors after the housemates became unsettled when their food was thrown in the pool, not realising it was down to Mario, in his second secret task as a 'mole'.

Speaking about the depletion of their food, Shabby said: "They'd have been told to do some things but the potato bags and the filter in the pool is a health and safety issue. Big Brother would not have told them to do that."

Dave had previously confronted Mario - who has been forced to wear a mole outfit and a sign reading "I am a mole" - about the sabotage.

The Christian minister thought there were three possibilities as to what had happened, saying: "One, you Mario are a mole, two, someone else here is actually the mole, or three, there is another housemate hidden somewhere else who is doing it."

Mario agreed all of Dave's ideas could be right, going on to suggest two people could be involved.

Mario has now been given another task; to destroy someone's cigarettes with scissors.

He must then ensure someone else is blamed for his actions, or his place in the house is at risk.

He has until later this morning (12.06.10) to complete the task.

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