John won't chase girls

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 June 2010


Australian 'Big Brother' contestant John insists he would never pursue a woman, and has confessed he thinks he will grow closer to Josie in the house

John would be happy to never have sex again.

The Australian 'Big Brother' contestant insists he would never chase women, which he thinks surprises people because of his good looks.

He told Govan: "When you're doing it, it's the best thing in the world ever. But I wouldn't chase it.

"I'm not one of these blokes who has like 100 girls. People view me differently because that's what I look like."

John has also admitted he expects to get close to Josie during their time in the house, but doesn't think he would be as attracted to her in the outside world.

He confessed to Ben: "She's not someone I'd go for on the outside, but I could get close to her on the inside because she's got a great personality."

Meanwhile, Ben has revealed he regularly dates married women or those with boyfriends, which he claims is why his romances never last long.

He said: "I never tend to have long relationships, as I tend to have relationships with people who are already in relationships."

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