Denise Johnson finds Lucas' secret?

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  • 11 June 2010
EastEnders actress Diane Parish

EastEnders actress Diane Parish

Denise Johnson is set to make a discovery in 'EastEnders' that will ''shock her to her very soul'' after she is bundled into a car and taken away by her serial-killer husband Lucas

Denise Johnson is set to make a horrific discovery in 'EastEnders'.

The preacher's wife, played by Diane Parish, is bundled into a car and taken to a mysterious flat by her serial-killer husband Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) when she confronts him about after finding make-up on his shirt and a condom in his pocket.

Diane, who has played the shop assistant for four years, said: "She's very uneasy, and reluctant to get into the car with him. But he wants her to see what's behind his suspicious behaviour, so she has no choice except to go with him for answers."

Little does Denise know, her saintly spouse has already killed his ex-wife Trina Johnson (Sharon Duncan Brewster) and her own ex-husband Owen Turner (Lee Ross).

However, the feisty character is apparently about to discover the horrifying truth.

Diane said: "As they approach the flat, she sees that Lucas has a set of keys, and asks if it's some sort of love nest. But what she sees when they enter shocks her to her very soul."

The discovery of Lucas' evil behaviour has been highly-anticipated, and Diane admits her alter-ego will be devastated when she learns his secret.

The actress added: "She's seen glimpses of his malice, though she doesn't know he's killed. Denise would be devastated to discover the truth of what he's really been up to."

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