BB housemates lose clothes

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  • 11 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby

Big Brother housemate Shabby

'Big Brother' housemates will lose their clothes as part of their next task, called 'Wear it or Lose it', which will see them put on as many garments as possible in just five minutes

'Big Brother' housemates will lose their clothes as part of their next task.

The 14-strong group are being set their second task, 'Wear it or Lose it', where they must put on as many items of their clothing as possible within five minutes, or risk having them confiscated by Big Brother.

Once they are dressed up in their numerous layers, contestants will then vote for the best dressed male and female housemates.

The winners will then be called into the Diary Room, before explaining to the other 12 housemates that they must take off all their garments, place them in their suitcase and go into the garden.

There, Big Brother will instruct them to put as many clothes as possible back on in just four minutes - and will confiscate anything left over.

Meanwhile, Ife, Caoimhe and Shabby plan to trick their housemates with a confusing "twist".

Cheryl Cole's backing dancer, the Irish student and the former child actress have all teamed up to play a prank on their fellow residents, following Mario the mole's secret task - which saw him throw their vegetables and bread into the pool.

Discussing their finds in the water earlier today, the trio have come up with their own plan to confuse their new pals.

The women initially wanted to throw all their canned goods into the water, but decided to confuse housemates further by making them believe Big Brother had something in store.

The group eventually decided to spell out the word "twist" out of canned goods, followed by "." to keep them guessing.

Shabby added: "'Dot dot dot' means 'to be continued'. We'll write 'twist' with the tins and then put 'dot dot dot' with the potatoes... If we get caught though, it's going to look so bad."

Religious dancer Ife added: "I can't wait!"

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