Katherine Kelly's Becky adoption fear

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly is so used to seeing her 'Coronation Street' character Becky McDonald's pursuit of happiness end in disaster, she doesn't think her alter-ego's adoption bid will work out.

Katherine Kelly doesn't think Becky and Steve McDonald's adoption bid will "work out".

The actress - who plays the feisty barmaid in 'Coronation Street' - has gotten so used to seeing things turn out badly for her character, she doesn't expect her latest chance of happiness to be a success.

She said: "With regards to the adoption, I don't know for definite but I've got a feeling that that's not going to work out, because things just don't work out for Becky. I would be surprised if that is all plain-sailing. I think Becky just wants to be happy."

Katherine believes Becky - who was recently told she couldn't have children naturally - is in desperate need of therapy to come to terms with her troubled background, as she doesn't think even having a child will make her happy.

She added: "She's not an ambitious person but her dream is just to be happy, and she's married Steve and she's happy but there's still that hole and I think this baby is her trying to fill this hole.

"Actually I think if she did get a baby she still wouldn't have the hole filled because it's about being happy with yourself. And I think deep-down she's not really. She's a very disturbed person.

"She just needs a bit of therapy really, I think, to truly be happy. She's had some bad things happen to her and she just keeps it really, really far down. We don't know anything hardly."


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