Housemates win 200 for food

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  • 11 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby

Big Brother housemate Shabby

'Big Brother' housemates won a £200 shopping budget after completing their first task

'Big Brother' housemates won a £200 shopping budget in their first task.

The 14 residents were awarded the amount for the challenge - which could have seen them scoop up to £500 - after all of them except Sunshine were strapped to seats, lifted into the air and forced to eat lunch at 40 metres off the ground.

Whilst up high, the group had to guess which words the medical student was painting on a giant piece of paper.

They correctly guessed 'squatter', 'boring old one' and 'wannabe' but failed to recognise 'big boobed babe' and 'hunky trio' from Sunshine's artwork.

However, Sunshine gestured to her housemates during 'boring old one' meaning the guess was disallowed, giving the housemates two correct answers and £200.

However, the group quickly started bickering once they had to decide what to spend the cash on.

As lesbian squatter Shabby read through the food lists, the contestants quickly cut in with their own suggestions.

Beyonce Knowles lookalike Rachael suggested, "We need cheese and margarine," while pierced Shabby told them she preferred to eat real butter.

Tensions rose further when vegan medical student Sunshine demanded she had a final glance at the list to add her own specific items.

As the discussions continued, Shabby eventually gave up on the task.

She said: "OK, this is really stressing me out, can someone else do it?"

Yorkshire joiner Nathan, Sunshine, former serviceman Steve and Christian minister Dave eventually took the list into the kitchen to work on finalising their foods.

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