Big Brother's sky high task

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Sunshine

Big Brother housemate Sunshine

'Big Brother' housemates have been forced to eat their lunch 30 metres in the sky as part of their first group task

The 'Big Brother' housemates have been lifted into the sky as part of their first task.

All of the contestants apart from Sunshine - who has a fear of heights - have been strapped to chairs by safety men and suspended in the air by a crane, before tucking into a delicious lunchtime meal.

At the start of their first group task, Big Brother announced to the group: "Housemates are now suspended 30m above the ground. Bon appetite."

After enjoying their first course, the 13 elevated housemates raised a toast to Big Brother and waved to people on the ground outside the compound.

The group spent most of this morning speculating over what was going on in their new home - after specialised chairs appeared in the garden first thing.

When Big Brother first unveiled the task to the group, it was agreed medical student Sunshine could be the resident who gets to remain on the floor.

The pretty housemate revealed: "I have to take medication to even go on planes!"

The remaining 13 housemates were then ordered to change into special task outfits. However, Mario - who is a secret mole - had to continue wearing his furry animal costume throughout.

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