2 Many DJs/Soulwax at Rock Ness

2 Many DJs/Soulwax at Rock Ness

They’ve been at Rock Ness four times before, now they’re back in 2010, hosting their own tent. Henry Northmore speaks to David and Stephen Dewaele, aka Soulwax

If any act sums up the essence of Rock Ness it has to be Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, who have appeared at the festival every year since 2006 as either 2 Many DJs or Soulwax (or usually both). This year is no exception as they play out in their live electro-indie guise as Soulwax on the Saturday, then return as kings of the mash-up, 2 Many DJs, on the Sunday.

They may have entered the public consciousness with their groundbreaking über eclectic mix CD As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2 in 2003 but they were already a going concern as Soulwax, releasing their first album Leave the Story Untold in 1996. However it was 2005’s Nite Versions (including the delicious electro rocker ‘E Talking’) that brought their live outfit to the same prominence as their DJ sideline. ‘For us it wasn’t like we stopped Soulwax to do 2 Many DJs, it was like a hobby that kinda blew up,’ explains David.

Now one of the mainstays of Rock Ness they even host their own Radio Soulwax tent on the Sunday. This year they’ve invited Vitalic, The Japanese Popstars and Kids on Bridges to play before they take to the decks themselves. ‘It’s important when you travel so much that you actually enjoy it,’ says David. ‘That’s what kills a lot of bands, and DJs even, that just go straight for the money and fly anywhere and play that set that they always play. But when you play with friends you always get a bit tickled and a little bit challenged like “ooh he’s playing that, so let me try this.” We don’t want to do it just the paid way.’

Soulwax play the Main Stage, Sat 12 Jun; 2 Many DJs headline the Radio Soulwax Arena, Sun 13 Jun.


You know this one. Awesome line-ups and awesome location make for one of Scotland's favourite music festivals. 2013's line-up includes Example, Plan B, Fatboy Slim, Madness, Basement Jaxx, The Vaccines, Above & Beyond, Madeon, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard, Skream, Benga, Ellie Goulding, The Temper Trap, Alabama 3…

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