Pekko Kappi and Alasdair Roberts play Edinburgh's Roxy Art House

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  • 10 June 2010
Pekko Kappi and Alasdair Roberts

If you feel like your life has been lacking in folk/drone crossovers recently – and let’s be honest, we could all use a bit more of that - there’s a treat in store. Finnish improv artist Pekko Kappi plays the jouhikko (pictured), an archaic bowed horse-hair lyre, and coaxes out grainy drones in soft, locomotive rhythms that complement his sometimes mournfully melodic, sometimes low and chanting vocals. Folk troubadour Alasdair Roberts will also take to the stage, adding some mythic Scots balladry to the proceedings.

Alasdair Roberts

Spectral singer-songwriter with ancient folk leanings.

Pekko Kappi, Alasdair Roberts and Gary West

Headed by Finnish free-folk star Kappi with modern interpretations of the Scots ballad from Roberts and a set on the Scottish smallpipes from West..

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