Exposure: The Swiss

Exposure: The Swiss

New recruits to the stable of electronic pop acts on Melbourne’s Modular Records, Adelaide trio The Swiss have just touched down in the UK for their first ever European tour when The List catches up with bassist Surahn ‘Sid’ Sidhu.

‘We [also drummer Tony Mitolo and keyboard player Luke Godson] were all at the same school, and we started playing out in bands together when we were fifteen, mainly as a way of getting cheap booze on the weekend. We all shared that Doors, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa phase growing up, but a lot of our own music consisted of Herbie Hancock style jams. The live set was pretty freeform and unrehearsed for a long time, but when Modular showed a bit of interest we started writing more proper songs.’

How did the label become interested in you?
‘The demo that did it for us was a limited 12-inch called ‘Movement 1, 2 & 3’, it was pretty spacey even before the space disco thing blew up. There was a kind of Pink Floyd jam in the middle, which we still do in amongst the more driving, uptempo stuff [see their last track ‘Bubble Bath’]. But on the whole, if we’re doing club gigs we want to keep the same energy a DJ might have in our set, rather than bring the crowd down.’

Do you still live in Adelaide?
‘Yeah, we live pretty well there and we don’t want to disrupt that, plus touring lets us get out and about. There’s a really healthy boutique cultural scene there, we had a good upbringing on French house, classic disco and Detroit techno. The city flies under the radar even in Australia, but Adelaidians had a pretty strong disco knowledge even before it came back into fashion.’


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