The Wee Chill (4 stars)

The Wee Chill

Here’s a first: this is surely the only festival in the world that greets you upon entry with a glass case of shed tarantula skins, or comes with its own wishing pond and potting sheds as standard. This is The Wee Chill and, for the first time, this spring’s edition of the foliage-strewn bash under glass has a fully-fledged band stage outside as well.

The showcased local acts playing there sit towards the more interesting edge of mainstream, with Vigo Thieves (●●●) sounding like a small-scale U2, mainly thanks to the effect-strewn guitars, while The Ray Summers (●●●) dust off The Fratellis’ one trick and add a bit of renewed vigour and summertime ska. Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience (●●●●), despite their young bandleader wearing an affected cravat like Son of Paul Weller, satisfy most with a moddish, skilfully-played jazz-funk sound.

Inside, it’s decks all the way, with local heroes from Subculture, Optimo, Wrong Island, Supermax and more mashing up mostly house, electro and disco. Of the bigger-name guests, the Innervisions duo of Ame (●●●) and Dixon (●●●●) controlled the main room, albeit with the former offering a more downbeat and minimal selection than his accomplice.

The Wee Chill

The boutique dance and live music festival features performances from Admiral Fallow, Washington Irving, The Little Kicks, Call To Mind, Poor Things, Atom Tree, Konx-Om-Pax and Lee Watson. The Wee Chill also hosts a Christmas market, record fair, short film cinema and street food cartel's Christmas extravaganza.