ECA and GSA Degree Shows 2010

ECA and GSA Degree Shows 2010

As Glasgow and Edinburgh prepare to showcase their finest outgoing talent with their much anticipated degree shows, Talitha Kotzé meets some of the makers

It’s that time again. The last masterstroke has been cast; anticipation fills the air. This month graduating students at Edinburgh College of Art and Glasgow School of Art will showcase their finest work. GSA will show work from its architecture, design and fine art courses; ECA offers up work from its art, architecture, landscape architecture and design disciplines.

With different specialisms at Edinburgh and Glasgow, prospective students make their choice based on their expectations, ideals and plans for the future.

Nadia Scullion, who was born and bred in Glasgow, decided to do a BA (Hons) in Fashion at ECA after seeing the high standard at the annual fashion show. For her degree show, Scullion will present a collection of structural garments constructed from leathers, jerseys and shirting in a variety of bold colours. ‘I was frustrated with the lack of exciting fabrics available, and as a result ended up pressing vinyl onto the surface of existing fabrics, altering their appearance entirely,’ she explains.

Scullion recently received a nomination for Scottish Graduate of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards and is working on a project in collaboration with Marks & Spencer. In the future she plans to work within an established design house.

Over at GSA, Grace Gallagher, who specialised in illustration, will graduate with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication. One of her works is a revamp of a text book entitled Topics in Recreational Mathematics. A fan of maths, she interspersed the book with her own illustrations to make it aesthetically pleasing. Gallagher volunteered at Recoat gallery in the West End while completing her degree in a bid to gather important experience for her future. ‘I’d like to be more involved with curating because I really enjoy working with artists and being part of the community, not only by making, but also by organising.’

Fellow soon-to-be graduate Yasmin Alzadjally will leave ECA with an MA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture. Full of enthusiasm for what lies ahead, she is eager to share her thoughts on going back to the landscape: ‘It’s not about returning to what has been lost, but rather to re-interpret the landscape as it stands today. I am specifically interested in working with post-industrial sites.’ The only place in Scotland to offer landscape architecture, ECA’s course is well recognised in the UK and abroad. ‘Landscape architecture is so different from architecture,’ explains Alzadjally. ‘Conceptualising the landscape has to incorporate the changing climate and all other unpredictable evolving forces, which makes it such a dynamic medium to work with.’

With heaps of energy and business acumen, these students are well equipped for the future. Their alma maters, GSA and ECA, both open their doors to the public on Saturday 12 June. Enjoy.

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, Sat 12–Sunday 20 Jun,; Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Sat 12 Jun–19 Jun,

The Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show

The annual degree shows for all graduating students from the departments of fine art, design, architecture and design, and a chance to spot the Turner prize winners of tomorrow, if past records are anything to go by.

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