Singles and Downloads - June 2010 (4 stars)

Singles and Downloads - June 2010

And so the hominids of this wretched earth confronted the perpetual question, as they had done oft since time immemorial, or at least since Charlene soared out of Neighbours and onto the pop throne 23 (23!) years ago: have you heard the new Kylie single?

Well, the answer is yes, and it is ace. ‘All The Lovers’ (●●●● Parlophone) is a dance-inducing call-to-arms, a winning sing-a-long disco serenade. It could have been a contender for Single of the Fortnight, if it weren’t for… all in good time, of course.

First, let us turn our attentions to the burgeoning Ace of Base revival which continues apace with Lady Gaga. Her 90s reggae-lite and Eurotrash balladry on ‘Alejandro’ (●●● Polydor) are equal parts preposterous and awesome. (See Robyn’s ‘Dancehall Queen’ for more ‘All That She Wants’ kicks, if you cannot be sated).

While we’re on the subject of cultural resurgences, Frightened Rabbit breathe new life into Searchlight-era Runrig on ‘Living in Colour’ (●●● Fat Cat) , although Donnie Munro never crooned about having his organs laid on ice, as far as we can recall.

Glasgow’s Yusuf Azak swerves bawdy Highland harmonies on the gorgeous folk-aria ‘Eastern Sun’ (●●●● self-release) - an ambrosial taster from his forthcoming debut long-player on Song, by Toad - while fellow locals John Knox Sex Club’s excellent ‘Honestly The Beast’ (●●●● self-release) is a similarly enticing album showpiece, this time in a lyrical, melodic post-rock style.

And so to the obligatory ‘electropop’ section, this fortnight provided by Primary 1’s jovial ‘Princess’ (●●● Warners) - there goes Billy Ocean’s ‘French House’ comeback - and Kele’s grinding ‘Tenderoni’ (●●●● Wichita) . Its pugilistic, industrial synth-rock bodes well for the Bloc Party frontman’s solo adventure, despite evoking the quite nightmarish vocal chords of Lene Lovitch.

There’s nary so much as a hint of Lovitch - nor Ace of Base, nor Runrig - on Everything Everything’s glittering ‘Schoolin’’ (●●●● Geffen) : quite a feat given the Manchester brainiacs cram the entire canons of rave, rock and r&b into three perfect minutes of jittery pop thrills. (Ergo: Single of the Fortnight). Bipeds: attention! There are stars in that there decrepit sky.

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