George Lamb's 'revolutionary' BBLB

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  • 8 June 2010
George Lamb

George Lamb

George Lamb has promised the last series of 'Big Brother' spin-off show 'Big Brother's Little Brother' will be ''revolutionary'', with no audience, a different format and his new co-presenter Emma Willis

George Lamb has promised the last series of 'Big Brother's Little Brother' will be "revolutionary".

The TV hunk admits the daily episodes will be different from the usual format, with no audience and new co-host Emma Willis.

He said: "The start of the last series of 'Big Brother' - more importantly of 'BBLB'. It's going to be different from anything you've seen before. The big boss man, Phil Edgar Jones, told everybody that if you've seen it before put it in the bin, start again, think naturally, think differently. Everything you're going to see - the set, how we do the show, there's no audience, I've got a co-host now. It's revolutionary 'BBLB'. Hopefully we'll go out with a bang."

The 30-year-old star usually presents the show alone, with celebrity guests and a live studio audience.

However, he is looking forward to being joined in front of the camera by Emma.

George explained in a video interview on the 'Big Brother' website: "I've really enjoyed Emma's company and working with her over the years. Obviously she's a huge 'Big Brother' fan and she's been on the show plenty. She was doing all the interactive stuff last year, and so this was a natural progression. The way we're doing the show now really fits. I wouldn't want to do the show just me and no audience. It just felt like a really natural marriage."

While he knows very little details of the reality show itself, the star expects it to be filled with the most "incredible" housemates to date.

He added: "There is no way the guys who make the main show won't have picked the most incredible selection of people for the last ever show, that's for sure."

'Big Brother' 11 starts tomorrow (09.06.10) on Channel 4.

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