Julie Hesmondhalgh groped by King

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  • 8 June 2010
Julie Hesmondhalgh

Julie Hesmondhalgh

Julie Hesmondhalgh admits she had to tell Alison King off for ''feeling her boobs'' as they recorded hostage scenes for 'Coronation Street's 'Siege' storyline

Julie Hesmondhalgh had to tell Alison King to stop "feeling me boobs" during 'Coronation Street's 'Siege' scenes.

The 40-year-old actress - who plays transsexual seamstress Hayley Cropper in the ITV1 soap - has joked her co-star is a "dirty old b***h" who regularly groped her as they acted out scenes where her alter-ego was tied to a chair.

Julie told BANG Showbiz said: "We just had a laugh from start to finish to be honest. It was absolutely hysterical because Ali's so funny, and she's not at all what she looks like. She looks so polished and like a film star - but she's just a dirty old b***h really!

"She couldn't stop feeling me up when I was tied up. I was shouting, 'Get off me!' So many people would have paid so much money to be in my position, but I was like, 'Get off me - stop feeling me boobs!'."

Julie and Alison - who plays feisty businesswoman Carla Connor in the show - spent four weeks working towards the dramatic storyline, which saw murderer Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) escape from prison and hold Hayley and Carla hostage with the help of his sidekick Robbie (James Fleet).

Despite the long hours, Julie admits the four played lots of games and jokes on each other.

She added: "We had this thing with James - this constant running joke that he was like our tormentor and was making us make train noises. He'd shout at us, 'Say it!' and we'd whimper 'Toot toot, chug, chug, chug' back. So it was bananas and just brilliant fun. It was absolutely ace.

"When we have heavy scenes hysteria really does set in, and there's not a method actor amongst us."

ITV1 has postponed the finale of its highly-anticipated 'Siege' storyline until 8.30pm tomorrow night (09.06.10), out of respect to victims of a gunman who went on a rampage in Cumbria last week.

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