Red Dwarf to return

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  • 7 June 2010
Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles

Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles

British sci-fi comedy series 'Red Dwarf' is set to return to the TV screen, with filming of two new series likely to start in January 2011

Red Dwarf is returning to the TV.

Two new series of the British sci-fi comedy series - which is known for its much-loved characters Kryten (Robert Llewellyn), Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Dave Lister (Craig Charles) - will start filming early next year.

Craig revealed on BBC Radio 2: "I can now announce we're going to be doing two more series, starting in January next year.

"I got the call today and it said, 'Craig, can you do it in January?' I said, 'Yeah, I'll sort it out.' "

Robert also confirmed he two would be involved in the new show, although he has admitted to knowing very little about the exact plans.

He tweeted: "Okay okay. All I know is we weren't meant to say anything yet, but Craigy got an exclusive in. I know virtually nothing, truly.

"All I know is that we are being sounded out for availability for next January to record series 10. The 2 series thing is news to me.

"I have not read any scripts, or even heard from Doug if he has finished writing them. I know Dave are V excited about a new series etc etc.

"And what really gives me hope of a leak proof announcement is that even Craig knows nothing about it.

"I truly know very little and I bet I'll get jip just for tweeting this, even though Craig blabbed first, yeah, on the record. I said nothing!"

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