Sophie Powles wants Brand romance

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  • 7 June 2010
Emmerdale actress Sophie Powles

Emmerdale actress Sophie Powles

Sophie Powles - the actress who plays 'Emmerdale's Holly Barton - believes her character should date British funnyman Russell Brand to ''take her down the wrong path'' even more

'Emmerdale' actress Sophie Powles thinks her alter-ego should date Russell Brand.

The pretty actress - who plays wayward teen Holly Barton in the ITV1 soap - thinks Katy Perry's fiance Russell would be the perfect choice to lead her character "down the wrong path" even more.

She explained: "The way she's going now, I'd choose someone like Russell Brand - some crazy rock 'n' roll man to take her down the wrong path."

The 21-year-old actress - who previously appeared in musical show 'Britannia High' - also revealed she doesn't like stereotypically good-looking guys in real life.

She said: "I don't like the usual boys that girls like - the stereotypical good-looking types aren't my cup of tea. So maybe it could be someone a bit more rugged, who looked like he'd lived a bit of life."

However, the pretty star - who dyes her blonde hair dark for the part of Holly - revealed 'Emmerdale' fans are often surprised when they meet her in real life, as they think she looks larger on the TV.

She explained: "A lot of people say I look fat on the telly, too - I'm like 'Oh right - I'll stop eating the pies then!"

According to Sophie, her character has much worse to come, despite already having lost her job and been thrown out of college.

She revealed: "It's going to get very dark as her dependency on drugs finally gets the better of her."

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