Spelbound plan Olympic win

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  • 7 June 2010


'Britain's Got Talent' winners Spelbound have revealed winning a gold medal in the Olympic Games would be the ''best thing'' that could ever happen to them

'Britain's Got Talent' winners Spelbound's next challenge is to win an Olympic gold medal.

The high-flying acrobatic troupe - who will perform for Britain's Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Performance in December - have revealed competing in the Olympic games would be the "best thing" that could ever happen to them.

Spelbound star Alex Uttley, 25, explained to The Sun newspaper: "It's amazing for us to be representative of our sport so if it could get into the Olympics, what better achievement for us?

"To be considered to compete in the Olympics would be the best thing that could ever happen to us."

However, the global sporting event is not the only thing the 13 gymnasts - who all compete in their sport at both world and European levels - have on their minds, with offers from Las Vegas and even R'n'B star Usher being brought to the table.

Spelbound's coach Neil Griffiths said: "There have been offers including one from Vegas. To see our name up in lights there would be absolutely fantastic."

He revealed Usher - who performed at the live ITV1 final on Saturday night (05.06.10) - approached him to ask if he could work with the group in the future.

Neil explained: "He tapped me on the shoulder and said 'Can we go to the gym and put something together?' Life doesn't get better than that."

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