Hollyoaks faces alien invasion

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  • 7 June 2010
Garnon Davies

Hollyoaks actor Garnon Davies

An alien called Kevin is to befriend Elliot Bevan (Garnon Davies) in 'Hollyoaks' for an upcoming extra terrestrial storyline for the Channel 4 show

Elliot Bevan will befriend an alien who lands in 'Hollyoaks' in a new storyline.

The geeky Welsh student - played by Garnon Davies - will reportedly befriend extra-terrestrial Kevin in an unconventional future storyline on the Channel 4 soap.

An insider said: "Some of the cast actually burst out laughing when they were told about Kevin. But they have already started filming the storyline so it's going to happen."

Kevin the alien will come from Aecyron Proxima Centauri - a red dwarf star in the constellation of Centauri - but will leave soon after arriving in Chester by shooting up into the sky as a star.

The storyline will also feature sci-fi enthusiast Elliot trying to convince everyone Kevin is real.

The source said: "There's a scene coming up where Kevin will discover girls' boobs. He'll develop a fascination for them and wants to touch as many as he can.

"This gets him pretty well known among the babes in the village but, sadly, for all the wrong reasons."

New producer Paul Marquess recently took over the helm at struggling teen soap 'Hollyoaks', and news of extra terrestrial Kevin's arrival has sparked fears he might not be able to save the show as was previously hoped.

The show also recorded its lowest-ever viewing figures last Friday (04.06.10).

The source told the Daily Star Sunday: "A lot of people think Paul has gone mad with this one.

"It's never been done before but he's certain it will be a success."


1. Ms Chandler9 Jun 2010, 4:28am Report

Marquess' decision to include aliens isn't shy of his previous works, where all the characters were so unrealisitic they all had to be aliens.

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