Diva BGT dog Chandi

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 June 2010


'Britain's Got Talent' dancing dog Chandi is reportedly a diva pup who won't walk up stairs and needs a bigger wardrobe than owner Tina Humphrey

'Britain's Got Talent' dancing dog has been called a diva.

Chandi - who wowed fans of the reality show with her impressive routine and will appear on the live final on Saturday (05.06.10) with owner Tina Humphrey - reportedly requires a huge wardrobe to store her stage outfits and isn't allowed to walk up stairs on the show.

A source said: "The dog has a bigger wardrobe than her owner.

"If Chandi needs to go upstairs, it has to be in a lift. Tina says walking up the stairs could wear her out, especially in the heat."

The show pooch also has massage therapy sessions, and will apparently only eat organic food - which Tina insists upon to keep her pet at the top of her game.

Tina, 37, said: "I explain everything that is happening to Chandi. She understands me."

The dancing double act from Shropshire are second favourites to win the competition, behind gymnasts Spelbound.

Ladbrokes spokesman Nick Weinberg said: "Spelbound are a different class. Tina and Chandi are their closest challengers - which shows what a dog's dinner the rest are."

Other contestants to have made it through to this Saturday's heated final so far are singing Grandmother Janey Cutler, comedy dancers Twist and Pulse, junior boy band Connected and dance solo act Tobias Meade.

Meanwhile, Paddy McGuinness has been named as the host of the upcoming 'Britain's Got Talent' live tour.

The shows kick off on June 19 and will be headlined by the winner - who will be named in the final on ITV1 tomorrow.

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