5 Things you might not know about - Rob Rouse

5 Things you might not know about - Rob Rouse

1. Having trained as a geography teacher, Rob Rouse decided that a career in education wasn’t really his bag and so tried his hand at stand-up, a profession that he describes as ‘easier’.

2. In 1998 he beat off competition from Alex Zane, Dan Antopolski and Reg D Hunter to scoop the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny award in Edinburgh.

3. He worked with Sean Lock on the final radio series of 15 Storeys High. Though he auditioned for the part of flatmate Errol (played in the TV show by Benedict Wong), he was overlooked on the wireless in favour of Peter Serafinowicz. But fate had its wicked way with Rouse when he gained another role after an actor was unable to make the recording due to horrendous weather conditions.

4. For Channel 4’s Comedy Lab episode ‘Pornorama’, Rouse, Lucy Porter and Phil Nichol presented an irreverent review of the world of adult entertainment. Rouse claims that research for his performance took a solid four weeks.

5. Rouse clearly has a thing about animals, though in a good way. He made some short films (for Baby Cow) with his pet duck Shaniqua in which he spoofed classic movies with Rain Duck, Ducky Dancing and The Good, the Bad and The Ugly Duckling. His current touring show is My Family and the Dog That Scared Jesus featuring his permanently aroused pooch Ronnie who, he claims, has ‘astonishingly good timing’.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 23 Jun.

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