John Stape to hide pal's body

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 June 2010
Graeme Hawley

Graeme Hawley who plays John Stape

'Coronation Street's John Stape is to hide the dead body of his friend Colin Fishwick in the wreckage of Underworld, after the two men clash

'Coronation Street's John Stape is to hide the dead body of his friend in the wreckage of Underworld.

The teacher - played by Graeme Hawley - stole the identity of pal Colin Fishwick so he could continue working in schools following his release from prison, but is mortified when he unexpectedly returns from Canada.

The two men then clash, which leaves Colin dead, so John hides the body in the rubble of the underwear factory after it exploded during the siege.

Builders then unknowingly pour concrete over the body, leaving John thinking he won't be found out.

However, Colin's friend Charlotte Hoyle (Becky Hindley) is also involved in his death and isn't convinced they will get away with burying him there.

She tells John: "He was my friend. I'm not happy that he's just lying there under tons of cement. The truth's bound to come out. His family are bound to ask questions."

But he reassures her, saying: "But that's just it, we don't have to do anything. The only thing we have to do is nothing."

However, factory boss Carla Connor (Alison King) spots John on the site minutes after Colin's body is covered in concrete.

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