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  • 3 June 2010
'Doctor Who' actor Matt Smith

Matt Smith who plays Doctor Who

Richard Curtis' children helped him write his forthcoming 'Doctor Who' episode 'Vincent and the Doctor' - which will be aired this Saturday (05.06.10) on BBC1

Richard Curtis' children helped him write his forthcoming 'Doctor Who' episode.

The 'Blackadder' creator revealed that plotting the storyline - which will feature the Doctor (Matt Smith) encountering the artist Vincent Van Gogh - took over his whole family's life.

He said: "During the summer I was writing it, we had lots of prints of Van Gogh paintings up round the house - and a board with index cards going through the plot, scene by scene - and both of my big kids came up with ideas."

Despite the family effort that went into the episode, titled 'Vincent and the Doctor', Richard admits that bosses made him rewrite it.

The 51-year-old writer said: "I remember I was told, when I first handed in my first draft, the Doctor talked too much and that I should go back and watch some of the episodes and see that actually he was rather efficient in the way that he talked."

"It was nice being pushed around in the right direction and having a format."

Richard - whose also wrote 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' - said he would jump at the chance to write for the popular sci-fi series again.

He said: "If I ever have an idea that I think would be suitable and best done in 'Doctor Who' again, of course, it would be an honour and delight to do another."

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