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  • 3 June 2010

Twist and Pulse

'Britain's Got Talent' semi-finalists Twist and Pulse have previously auditioned as part of two different dance troupes

'Britain's Got Talent' dancers Twist and Pulse have previously danced with two groups in this year's semi-finals.

Twist, whose real name is Ashley Glazebrook, was once a member of Peridot - a dance troupe who were voted out last night (02.06.10), and also Myztikal who will compete tomorrow night (04.06.10).

His dancing partner, Pulse - whose real name was Glen Murphy - was also part of Peridot and auditioned for the show last year with the group.

A friend of the pair said: "Ashley and Glen are trying to act like they are new to it but they have been dancing in these groups for years."

However, Glen, 19, insisted they had not declared their previous dance connections because they wanted "recognition for being Twist and Pulse," and that other dancers in the competition who have complained were "probably jealous."

He added: "I was surprised the judges didn't recognise me. It was an accident that we all tried out this year. We did it not thinking Peridot would do it for a second time."


1. Olivia Francis-Akolo5 Jun 2010, 10:19pm Report

I am in year 7 and
Ashley from twist and pulse and all the members of mystikal used to attend my school!! BAB ( The Business Academy Bexley)
they are soooo cool and i am so glad that twist & pulse made it to the final
good luck next year mystikal!!

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