Davina McCall's husband needs BB break

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 June 2010
Big Brother host Davina McCall

Davina McCall

'Big Brother' presenter Davina McCall admits her husband Matthew Robertson is relieved the reality show if finally coming to an end so they can have a summer holiday

Davina McCall's husband is glad 'Big Brother' is ending.

The show's presenter is sad the programme is coming to an end, but admits her "amazing" spouse Matthew Robertson is relieved as it means they can now holiday in the summer again.

She said: "He's definitely pleased that we'll be able to go away in the summer. When we have dinner parties in the summer, I stop the party and everybody has to come and watch 'Big Brother'.

"I'll watch it every single night. That's a big ask of my husband. He's been amazing."

Though the 42-year-old star has talked openly about how devastated she was when she learnt Channel 4 would be showing the groundbreaking TV show for the last time this summer, she insisted she would not cry on camera.

She added to new! magazine: "I'm really annoying when I cry, so I'm going to try really hard not to. If I see myself crying on TV I think, 'Pull yourself together you silly girl!'

"But I guess if I can't help it, then I can't help it. If I don't cry on stage I'll definitely go back to my dressing room and have a breakdown."

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