Kevin Bridges (4 stars)

Kevin Bridges

SECC, Glasgow, 28 May 2010

Kevin Bridges is Glasgow banter personified. Going to see his live act is akin to getting excellent chat from a local at a wee old man’s pub. The type of pub you can get a whisky and mixer for £1.20. The unusual thing about tonight is that he’s not at a local pub, or even a comedy club. He’s entertaining a sold-out SECC, and he’s doing it with ease.

At 23, Bridges seems to have already polished his craft. His humour is palatable but edgy, and he moves from topic to topic seamlessly, dissecting everyday social situations and presenting them to the audience in bite-sized anecdotes.

Not afraid of risqué subjects, Bridges casually brings terrorist attacks, child abuse and mental disability into his set. He does this not to gain Frankie Boyle-style shock-laughs, but to highlight the hilarity of everyday people’s reactions to life, telling us, for example, of how his Dad viewed the 2007 terrorist attack on Glasgow airport as a signifier that this was a city worth living in, and delivering a sense of national pride.

Bridges’ likability centres around the familiarity with the subjects he discusses and the honesty with which he treats them. He’s an everyman who still lives at home with his parents, but one with an intelligent, humorous analysis of life. This is best shown when he explains his reaction to a recent birth in the family: “They were passing the baby about the living-room like a joint,” he laughs.

Exiting the stage to a standing ovation, Bridges can leave the SECC happy - probably to go off home to have a celebratory drink with his parents.

Kevin Bridges & Friends

The young comedian who's taken the Scottish comedy scene by storm puts on a special show with some of his comedy friends.

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