Dan Sartain (3 stars)

Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain bounds onto the stage, guitar in hand, to whoops of delight from a mostly male crowd. He is not the kind of guy you bring home to mom – which is why all guys want to be him – he’s more like the one upon whom your mum secretly harbours a crush.

But the facade – the shades in the basement, stressed denim and cadaver cheekbones – is just packaging. Behind the thin frame and charisma is a genuine talent for songwriting and a punk-rockabilly aesthetic that translates best on the live stage, where the songs are let loose to breathe a little. It’s a bit shambolic at times, but the shambles are the best part.

The brilliant single ‘Athiest Funeral’ from new album Dan Sartain Lives is full of bluesy swagger, with a chorus that is up there with the best use of extended ‘ohs’ in the history of popular music. There’s a mariachi charm to ‘Flight of the Finch’, which swings along like the soundtrack from a Tarantino movie. Old favourite ‘Replacement Man’ whips the audience into a near-frenzy. Sartain lives and he’s a cracking showman.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Wed 26 May

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