Stag & Dagger Day Festival (3 stars)

Stag & Dagger Day Festival

Stag & Dagger is Glasgow’s other one-ticket, multi-venue festival, and it lands on what must be the hottest day of the year so far. Its rival Hinterland only took place in April, but this is a decidedly more underground effort, lacking the big names and focusing more on the cult.

Despite the weather, bodies with pasty (but soon to be scarlet red) arms and legs litter the seven venues on today’s bill, especially the cosy Captain’s Rest, which kicks off early at 2pm in a haze of perspiration. A slow start to the day picks up with Sky Larkin (●●●), the endearing indie-rock trio from Leeds, whilst fellow Nice ‘n’ Sleazy inhabitants Kong (●●●●) destroy with off-timed metal, inebriation and Y-fronts.

Over at ABC2, Scotland’s hyped The Unwinding Hours (●●●) trudge, meaning that fun. (●●●●), the band on soon after in the bowels of the Art School, seem all the more quirky, with their gloriously crafted pop rock songs a relief after a languid day. Shame about the small crowd though, which probably left the U.S. band feeling a tad underwhelmed on their first visit to Scotland. They’re probably all at home nursing heat-stroke mind you, which is an achievement in itself.

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