Luísa Maita - Lero Lero (4 stars)

Luísa Maita - Lero Lero


São Paolo singer Luísa Maita can do fresh and fragile as with ‘Aí Ven Ele’ (There He Comes), Brazilian north-eastern zippy with ‘Fulaninha’ (What’s Her Name), funky upbeat with ‘Lero Lero’ (Hey, What’s Up) and modern bossa with ‘Desencabulada’ (Wanton) which is surely destined to be a hit?

Each is embedded in the subtle sounds of the rich rhythmic landscape of Brazilian music, and each reveals a different aspect of Maita’s vocal personality. Yes, folks I think here we have the 21st century incarnation of ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, no longer the object of masculine gaze, but confidently expressing her own complex yet beautiful view of the world.

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