Robyn - Body Talk Pt 1 (4 stars)

Robyn - Body Talk Pt 1


Glorious pop android Robyn has two modes: LOVE ME and FUCK YOU, and they are both wonderful. Body Talk Pt 1, which features Diplo and Royksopp, is the follow-up to the Swedish icon’s 2007 self-titled album, and the first of three long-players due this year.

Robyn’s vigorous take on lovelorn electro-pop, as previously showcased on Top 10 tearjerker ‘Be Mine’, now inhabits the jolting ‘Dancing on My Own’, and the conceptually dubious yet loveable ‘Fembot’.

Her brawn for vitriolic disco monologues, meanwhile, (think ‘Konichiwa Bitches’), is honed anew on ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do’. A triumph, all told.

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