'Bullied' Alex Reid

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 May 2010
Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Katie Price's husband Alex Reid has claimed his treatment at a recent bout - where he and the glamour model were booed - was ''borderline bullying''

Alex Reid claims he has been the victim of bullying.

The cage fighter - who wed glamour model Katie Price in February - admitted he was so shocked by the level of animosity towards him and his wife at a recent bout that he felt quite concerned for her well-being.

He said: "There were boos when I entered, but I thought: I can live with that. I expected a bit of pantomime behaviour, but it wasn't nice when people started throwing bananas and bottles. That was unacceptable and I worried about taking Katie.

"It's not nice - come on, guys. You had to see some of the hate that was directed towards us to believe it. It was borderline bullying."

In order to calm his fury, Alex has recently been channelling his energy into yoga and is already feeling the benefits.

He explained: "It's a great form of exercise and really good for the body. We just go to our local classes along with everyone else... I sweat a lot in the class! But it is great for flexibility. I'm not bad at the moment, but after a few more sessions, you never know, I may be able to do the splits!"

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