Tracy Barlow schemes for motherhood

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  • 31 May 2010
Kate Ford

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford

Tracy Barlow sets up Gail McIntyre for murder because she is confident she will be able to negotiate a move to an open prison where she will be able to see her young daughter Amy more

Tracy Barlow sets up Gail McIntyre for murder because she thinks it will make her a better mother.

The evil 'Coronation Street' murderess - played by Kate Ford - has no qualms about setting up her former neighbour because under her negotiation plans, it will allow her to move to an open prison and spend more time with her young daughter Amy.

She said: "Tracy feels a bit bad about it as Gail's one of the few people who likes her. But she's doing this for Amy. She believes it's her only option.

"Tracy's a murderer. The deal is she's agreed to testify in exchange for being moved to an open prison. It will be more comfortable for her. But most importantly it will increase her access to Amy. There'll be a playroom and it will be much nicer than the 20-minute visits she gets from Amy at the moment."

Tracy takes to the stand and lies to the courtroom about how Gail (Helen Worth) murdered her husband with a rolling pin.

However, the scheme doesn't go to plan and she ends up feeling guilty and scared about the situation she has got herself into.

She said: "The governor goes back on the deal and tells Tracy she's not going to get sent to an open prison after all. Tracy's totally floored."

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