Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson split?

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  • 30 May 2010

This article is from 2010.

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson split?

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson split?

Singer-and-TV star Charlotte Church and her fiance Gavin Henson have reportedly split up just six weeks after announcing their engagement

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson have reportedly split just six weeks after announcing their engagement.

The singer-and-TV star and her rugby player fiance - who have children Ruby, two, and 16-month-old Dexter together - have apparently ended their romance after months of disagreements.

A source said: "It is an incredibly sad state of affairs. Both Gavin and Charlotte are deeply distraught. But after a lot of soul-searching, they realised this is the best course of action for them and the children. It was a mutual decision.

"To the outside world they were a golden couple. The truth is, they had the same insecurities as anyone else. Charlotte is very headstrong. In the end, Gav found it too much. He was blaming her for his rugby career stalling. She hated him going out drinking with mates."

This news comes less than two months after the pair announced their plans to marry.

At the time, Gavin said: "It's time to get married. I want us to be a family and we have different names at the moment. Me, Ruby and Dexter are Henson and Charlotte is Church. It feels right."

Gavin is expected to move out of their £1.2 million mansion and buy a house nearby so he can continue to play a big role in his children's lives.

The source added to the News of the World newspaper: "One thing they do still share together is complete devotion to their two children. That won't change at all - and Gav will continue to play a very active role in their lives. He is devastated about the break-up, especially because of the impact on the two little ones."

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