Mick Jagger happy with past

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  • 29 May 2010

Mick Jagger

Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger insists he has no regrets about the band's excessive partying and heavy drug taking in the 1970s

Sir Mick Jagger isn't horrified by the excessive lifestyle he used to live.

The Rolling Stones frontman insists he still has strong memories of the band's hedonistic period around the recording of their iconic 1972 album 'Exile on Main Street' - which has just been reissued - but doesn't regret any part of the period.

He said: "I'm not really horrified, it was just part of your life then. I just look at it and think, 'Yeah I remember that. We did this and we did that.' So what? And now we do something else.

"There were loads of drugs... but everyone had their own drug habits which they weren't necessarily sharing with everyone else. It's pretty vivid. I wasn't that out-of-it that I don't remember. I can recall most of it pretty well considering some of the stuff. Blimey!"

The 66-year-old rocker - whose bandmate Keith Richards is currently writing an autobiography - can't understand why people choose to write their memoirs - unless they receive a big pay cheque.

He told Q magazine: "I don't really like the idea of doing it. Doing this, going back and looking at 'Exile' it's kind of great, but it's quite taxing. Some of it's fun... but to do more, I'm not sure how excited I really feel about it, digging into your own past. Apart from getting paid, I don't know what you really get out of it."

The Rolling Stones

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