Autumn highlights


Come early September and a realisation dawns on the comedy world. Yes indeed, there is life beyond the Edinburgh Fringe. Of course, those who help to schedule our comedy viewing pleasures all-year round have had their future plans in place for some time, but it’s only now that we can consider seeing comedy without trying to work out how we can get from the Assembly Rooms to the Baby Belly in less than four minutes.

Yes, the autumn season is upon us and the laughs are refusing to slow up between now and the hell of Christmas shopping beckons. Of course, many of those who made the August fiesta so enjoyable are back with Aussie Adam Hills (Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, 22 Sep) and Irish fella Jason Byrne (Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, 23 Sep) lighting up the Merchant City Festival. Further Celtic waggery comes from the laughing leprechaun Andrew Maxwell (the Stand, Glasgow, 27 Sep, 25 Oct; the Stand, Edinburgh, 29 Sep-1 Oct) and the jovial Ed Byrne (Garage, Glasgow, 28 Oct). Mark Thomas will be going gun-crazy on us (Tron, Glasgow, 26 & 27 Sep) while Stephen K Amos continues to charm all with tales of his childhood (Jongleurs, Glasgow, 13 & 14 Oct).

Those who took a breather from the Fringe madness to recharge their comedic batteries include Jason Manford (Jongleurs, Glasgow, 29 & 30 Sep) and Jo Caulfield (the Stand, Glasgow, 10 Oct; the Stand, Edinburgh, 11 Oct) while BBC superstars Little Britain (Playhouse, Edinburgh, 14 Nov) and Mitchell & Webb (King’s Theatre, Glasgow, 19 Nov) bring their vast juggernauts of laughter to town.

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