Gail McIntyre's trial trouble

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  • 28 May 2010
Coronation Street actress Helen Worth

Coronation Street actress Helen Worth

Gail McIntyre's murder trial gets off to a bad start next week, as the 'Coronation Street' survivor battles to prove her innocence

Gail McIntyre's murder trial will "go wrong" when her son David Platt takes to the stand next week.

The long-suffering 'Coronation Street' character - played by Helen Worth - faces damning testimonies from stepdaughter Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and evil Tracey Barlow (Kate Ford) in court, while her son David's words also paint her in a negative light.

Helen said: "Things go wrong immediately when the only witness for defence, cottage cleaner Anka, doesn't turn up.

"Then when David (Jack P. Shepherd) steps up, he gets a really hard time, which is difficult for Gail because she blames herself for dragging her son into all this. It's Tina's evidence which does the real damage, though."

Life has been difficult for Gail since she was accused of murder when he new husband Joe McIntyre's attempted insurance scam went wrong and he accidentally died.

Until now, the long-running character has remained confident the truth would come out.

Helen added: "She's always been so sure that justice would be done. She believes in the system so much, and the fact that she'll end up being acquitted because she's innocent. She is very single minded and I admire her for that."

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