Music festivals 2010: T in the Park gossip

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  • 28 May 2010
Music festivals 2010: T in the Park gossip

There are some juicy rumours about T in the Park floating around List Towers. Niki Boyle spills the beans, but you didn’t hear it from him …

Peas in a pod

There’s been a heap of unsubstantiated rumour and wishful thinking about a romance between Cheryl Cole and Black Eyed Peas frontman … which we’re going to add to. First she guest-starred on his solo outing ‘Heartbreaker’, then he produced half her debut solo album, now they’re touring together. After all that, it would be surprising if she didn’t show up during the Peas’ set!
Odds: 3/1

Keys for free

While many will be on tenterhooks to see if Beyoncé pulls another Coachella-style manoeuvre and joins hubby Jay-Z on stage, we’d be more interested in Alicia Keys making a guest appearance. Not only did she and Hova collaborate on a certain New York-themed hit single together, but Keys has apparently been in an ‘Empire’ state of mind about British rockers Kasabian, who take to the stage immediately after Jay-Z.
Odds: 12/1

Braff’s on staff for Radin

While all this is music to our ears, it takes more than a merry tune to make the world go round – which is why we’re looking forward to some serious celeb-spotting as well. Joshua Radin is taking to the Radio One/NME Stage early on Saturday, but might draw a crowd due to his being bezzie mates with Scrubs star Zach Braff who’s been in attendance at Radin’s recent UK dates. Don’t say: ‘So you’re not actually “the next Woody Allen” then?’
Odds: 10/1

Leto puts knees on show

As if that wasn’t enough, 30 Seconds To Mars resident piece of crumpet Jared Leto (swoon) was recently heard praising the humble Scottish kilt on Radio 1. Could an army of screaming fans be treated to a glimpse of Leto’s bare legs? Quite probably. Comparative odds for Keith Flint in a kilt: 3/1; Jay-Z in a kilt: 5/1; Eminem in a kilt: 20/1.
Odds: 2/1

Them ‘N’ Em

Eminem is well-placed to enjoy some guest stars – D12, his erstwhile group project, are playing in the Slam tent earlier on the Saturday, while young Em-collaborator Drake occupies a similar slot on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage. The wildest rumour we’ve heard is that Dr Dre might even appear for a rap-along. Fingers crossed.
Odds: 20/1

The Mar’s The star

Laura Marling’s also in line to appear in slots other than her own. Her set takes place on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage right after Mystery Jets, for whom she performed a guest spot on ‘Young Love.’ Then, after her own performance, she should have just enough time to get over to the King Tut’s tent – where former boyf-and-bandmate Marcus Mumford will be taking to the stage with his Mumford & Sons posse.
Odds: 3/1

Volcano project takes flight

And finally, it’s nice to hear about some diversity. Two bands are allegedly joining forces and coming to the stage armed with a set full of topical Sigur Rós-influenced Eyjafjallajökull volcano songs. The bands in question? Ash and Airbourne, of course.
Odds: 100/1

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