5 Things... Glamping

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  • 28 May 2010
5 Things... Glamping

1. Yurt
A big tent from central Asia, your average yurt can accommodate six people comfortably. Festivals: Insider, Rock Ness, Wickerman, Belladrum.

2. Cloudhouse
Sounds rather magical, right? Calm down, it's just a more spacious yurt. Festivals: T in the Park, Rock Ness, Wickerman, Belladrum.

3. Yurtel
Also known as the Daddy Yurt (around this office at least), this yurt-hotel comes fully-furnished, like a penthouse suite. Festivals: T in the Park.

4. Podpads/ Bunkpads
Looks like a garden shed, but with beds and electricity inside – we're not complaining. Festivals: T in the Park, Rock Ness.

5. Tipis
Get all Native American in the big pointy tents. Peace pipe/war paint optional, depending on your mood. Festivals: T in the Park, Wickerman, Belladrum.

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