New Hollyoaks family secret

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  • 27 May 2010
Hollyoaks actress Helen Russell Clark

Hollyoaks actress Helen Russell Clark

New 'Hollyoaks' family The Costellos will arrive in the village with a ''big secret'' as they move into The Dog in the Pond pub

The Costello family will arrive in 'Hollyoaks' with a "big secret".

The upcoming residents - who are related to new character Jem Costello (Helen Russell Clark) - will not be all they seem when they turn up in the village and apparently move into The Dog in the Pond public house, which is currently owned by the Ashworth family.

New producer Paul Marquess revealed: "The Costellos are really, really core I think. Really important. The pub has got to be somewhere we all want to be. I'm a big fan of the Ashworths, but even they agree they've had some really tough storylines. It's time to inject a bit of glamour into the Dog in the Pond.

"We've just done a scene where Rhys Ashworth (Andrew Moss) says to his mum Suzanne (Suzanne Hall), 'We're grown up now, you can walk away'. And that's true, whereas now you've got the Costellos where the kids are still reliant on their parents. What they do affect their parents and what their parents do affect them. And of course they arrive with a big secret."

Paul - who has been dubbed 'The Axe Man' after cutting numerous characters from the show - also revealed the soap will have a brand new title sequence from next month.

He said in an interview on the 'Hollyoaks' website: "We are changing the titles and they will be on screen on July 5. But they will look totally different. That means they will probably feature some of the cast, but they will be like nothing else on British television. The music is going to change at some extent too. We're working on it."


1. Ms Chandler9 Jun 2010, 4:35am Report

You know your show is in trouble when Marquess claims it will be "like nothing else on...television". Given his past history on show makeovers, and his tendency to jump from one nonsensical idea to another like a deranged toad, one must keep their expectations to nothing in order to be remotely satisfied.

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