Simon Cowell's Seacrest Idol departure

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 May 2010
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell has joked he quit 'American Idol' because of host Ryan Seacrest's taste in music

Simon Cowell has blamed Ryan Seacrest as he reason for quitting 'American Idol'.

The music mogul - who last night (27.05.10) appeared in his final episode of the singing contest after working on the show for nine series - has joked the programme's host is responsible for his departure.

Speaking on Ryan's KIIS-FM radio show, he said: "You changed last year.

"I remember we were on a plane one afternoon and I knew I was going to be sitting with you for the entire six hours. You were listening to Miley Cyrus, singing - what's that song? I'm listening to you sing Miley Cyrus, 'Party in the USA.' You know when someone's got their headphones on really loud, singing out of tune really loud, and you played it five times in a row? I actually thought, 'I can't do this anymore.' It was the fact that you were enjoying it."

Now the music mogul has said goodbye to the reality show, he will turn his attentions to his new project - launching 'The X Factor' in the US.

However, Ryan admits he feels terrible for playing a part in Simon's move.

He quipped in response: "I feel guilty that I was the reason you made this decision."

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